Out November 6th!

ProgPower masters return with their most powerful and epic album to date, featuring the singles “Dying To Live Again”, “Into The Black”, “Sacrifice” and the epic “Alchemy Of Souls”!

A record not to be missed if you love bands like Masterplan and the legends of the genre like Queensrÿche, DIO, Savatage and the likes!

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L/R: Ronnie Romero (Vocals), Tony Hernando (Guitars), Dani Criado (Bass) and Jo Nunez (Drums)


"Sacrifice" Official Video

“A song that many fans will find to be a bit different from us, but it’s a very cool and strong song nonetheless. Lyrics are about the sacrifices we all have to make in order to be who we want to be. A song about catharsis, empowering and defeating toxic relationships. For every one considerate, giving human being, there’s at least one that is a taker, a liar, and a soul sucker. Don’t let anyone make you feel useless and unworthy…unmask your enemy and resurrect yourself!” – Tony Hernando

"Into the Black" Official Video

“‘Into The Black’ is a straightforward rocker with great energy that we’re sure will make our fans headbang and sing along! Lyrically, again, it is a wake-up call, a call to arms if you will, about the rat race times we’ve been living in. To make a difference and defeat evil starts with everyone of us. A call to undo a world devoid of humanity.” – Tony Hernando

"Dying to Live Again" Official Video

‘Dying To Live Again’ is the opening track for our new album “Alchemy Of Souls, Pt. I”, and it is a song of HOPE. In these difficult times we’re living in, it’s very important to reflect on what we are, what we want to be and where we are headed, not only as individuals, but as a society and humanity as a whole. It is okay to feel confusion, fear, and uncertainty, but we must be aware of what’s at stake right now because this might be a turning point in history. I just hope the outcome is not only that we’ll win over this pandemic, but we’ll still stand and fight for the right reasons, celebrating liberty and the joy of life…we’re definitely DYING TO LIVE AGAIN!” – Tony Hernando

"Icons of the New Days" Official Video

“… ‘Icons of the New Days’. The band is super tight, and there is that sense of the epic and grandiose for them, which doesn’t cross over into pomposity either…”


“Icons of the New Days” (2018)

Listen to “World Gone Mad” below

“Lords of Black II” (2016)

Listen to “Everything You Are Not” below

“Lords of Black” (2014)

Listen to “Nothing Left to Fear” below